EPILOT is a hydrogen production device to transform the engine into a hydrogen hybrid, its function is to clean the engine, becoming part of the fuel thanks to the continuous flow introduced into the combustion chamber. BENEFITS: Better performance; Optimization of consumption; Reduction of polluting values The new Epilot device is available in different versions with different accessories. Epilot 4.0 is managed with a dedicated application where it is possible to monitor the system data and its correct functioning, the novelties are the automatic ignition thanks to the integrated GPS and the variation of the quantity of hydrogen produced based on the speed in order to further improve the consumption. Epilot can be installed on all endothermic engines, therefore cars, vans, trucks, tractors and boats powered by petrol, diesel, LPG and methane. The hydromaverich Epilot device exploits the latest technologies to generate hydrogen using very little energy. You can install it permanently on your truck or car and control it with our APP directly from your mobile phone The Epilot Hydrogen Generator device has been approved as a removable, tankless device. The amount of gas in circulation is low and does not constitute an explosion hazard and is not under pressure. The system does not modify the structure of the car as it is dosed in suction with a small nozzle and does not modify the injection or the vehicle control unit. There is therefore no need for any transcription on the vehicle registration document, all the necessary documentation is supplied by us with the CE certification. The savings noted by our tests and customers are 20% to 30% It can be mounted on all types of combustion engines, petrol, diesel, LPG and methane. It can be mounted on all types of cars, sedans, SUVs, tractors, trucks, campers, boats. The system must be checked once every 12 months by authorized personnel. The Epilot system works with easily available distilled or demineralised water. START AND STOP FUNCTION and flow rate variation Thanks to hydromaverich technology and integrated gps, the system only works when needed and varies the quantity of hydrogen to optimize engine performance, further reducing consumption