Hydromaverich ECLEANER 4.0 POWERFULL

Hydromaverich Ecleaner 4.0 Powerfull has been revolutionized in the new version the only one with two outputs for hydrogen gas to make 2 vehicles or trucks and heavy vehicles, the Made in Italy design makes it unique, precious and elegant thanks to the unmistakable illuminated green logo. Hydromaverich Ecleaner 4.0 Powerfull is now an indispensable tool for the garage, your customers will be fascinated by such beauty and efficiency. An inimitable tool as its technology is advanced and superior compared to the current market proposals, after all our Company , has been designing, developing and experimenting in the field for more than 10 years and we were the first ever in Italy to produce, as well as offer the hydrogen engine decarbonisation service. Hydromaverich is synonymous with high Italian quality. The device is completely controlled via tablet with BT and Wifi and can also be controlled via mobile phone, it is a 4.0 device and is part of the current tax breaks The tablet has various programs based on the vehicle to be treated and the type of problem, a special program for cleaning the fap. The device is connected via Wifi and transmits any anomalies directly to the manufacturer for rapid remote assistance The production of hydrogen is entrusted to electrolytic cells that produce a constant flow of hydrogen. The PowerFull version has been specifically designed for cleaning heavy vehicles, trucks and cross-displacement engines. It is built for constant daily work for cleaning large engines. It has a control that regulates the power required when used on smaller vehicles such as cars or motorcycles. 220v power supply - stainless steel cells suitable for all types of vehicles up to 35,000cc possibility of making 2 cars at the same time The machine has two autonomous groups of cells that can be activated via application. This allows it to be the only device on the market with two gas outlets that can be used separately to perform cleaning in two vehicles or together on a truck or heavy vehicles. It is a hydrogen generating device from distilled water for the internal cleaning of endothermic engines such as petrol, diesel, LPG, methane and all types of vehicles: cars, vans, trucks, boats and current generators. Specifically, the ECLEANER device is able to reduce and destroy the carbon deposits deposited inside the engine with a chemical process of hydrogen-carbon combination.

All internal combustion engines are unable to completely burn the fuel whether it is petrol, diesel, LPG, or methane and for this reason they accumulate polluting carbon deposits.

The hydrogen produced is introduced into the engine through the intake duct, in gaseous form and is aspirated by the engine reaching the combustion chamber, improving combustion, performance, consumption and significantly reducing polluting gases.

The components involved in cleaning are: valves and EGR valve, turbine, injectors, piston, combustion chamber and exhaust line including FAP (particulate filter).

Hydrogen does not clean the intake ducts but it is still possible to clean them with additional Eair.

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