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Hydromaverich Ecleaner ed Epilot

Choose the hydrogen for your need

Hydromaverich has 3 types of hydrogen cleaning equipment and 2 types of fixed systems

imgEcleaner 4.0

Novità 2022Ecleaner version 4.0 for cleaning all types of vehicles

imgEcleaner PowerFull 4.0

Novità 2022

Ecleaner dedicated to cleaning large-capacity vehicles - Trucks

imgEpilot 4.0

Epilot system for cars up to 3000cc of displacement - Cars - Vans

imgEpilot PowerFull 4.0

Epilot system for large displacement vehicles or special vehicles - Trucks - Generators - Boats

Hydromaverich Ecleaner 4.0


It is a device that generates hydrogen from distilled water for the internal cleaning of endothermic engines such as petrol, diesel, lpg, methane and all types of vehicles: cars, vans, trucks, boats and power generators.

In particular, the ECLEANER device is able to reduce and destroy the carbon deposits inside the engine with a chemical process of hydrogen combination carbon.

All internal combustion engines fail to burn completely the fuel such as gasoline, diesel, lpg, or methane,  for this reason polluting carbon deposits accumulate internally.

The hydrogen produced is introduced into the engine through the intake duct, in gas form and is drawn from the engine reaching up to the combustion chamber improving its combustion, performance, consumption and significantly lowering polluting gases.

The components involved in cleaning are: valves and EGR valve, turbine, injectors, piston, combustion chamber and drain line including FAP (Particulate Filter).

Hydrogen does not clean the intake ducts but it is possible anyway to clean them with the help of an additional product.

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Hydromaverich Ecleaner PowerFull 4.0

It is the enhanced version of Ecleaner for large displacement vehicles and for heavy daily work.Advanced control of hydrogen flow rates and constant flow

It's so powerful !!!

Epilot 4.0

The hydromaverich Epilot device uses the latest technologies to generate hydrogen using very little energy. You can permanently install it on your truck or car and control it with our APP directly from your mobile

Epilot ed Epilot PowerFull


Reduction of consumption

Always clean engine

Improved performance

Customizable according to your needs

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What is the purpose of hydrogen cleaning?

The three main effects


Hydrogen thanks to its cleanliness and its explosive power of 138 octane improves engine performance


A clean engine is more efficient so it consumes less fuel and lasts longer


The clean engine and the best combustion allows to significantly lower harmful emissions and polluting gases